The String Instrument Owner’s Handbook

      In The String Instrument Owner’s Handbook, Michael Pagliaro surveys the complete “ownership life cycle” of bowed string instruments. A touchstone work for uninitiated and advanced players, The String Instrument Owner’s Handbook provides a roadmap for every step of the owning process, from selecting and buying (or renting) to maintaining, repairing, modifying, upgrading and even re-selling your instrument.

            The String Instrument Owner’s Handbook answers, chapter by chapter, such key questions as: Where did string instruments come from? How do they work? What are the different kinds of string instruments? How are they made? How should you choose one? How do you care for string instruments? What accessories are needed and what do you need to know about them? How do string instruments compare to one another? How does one learn to play? And so much more. This work should be included in the library of not only every professional musician but also of students, teachers, technicians, and parents.

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