Dr. Michael Pagliaro is certified by the New York State Department of Education as a Teacher of Music (grades K-12), Supervisor of Secondary Education, Secondary School Principal, and by the New York City Board of Education as Teacher of Orchestral Music. He holds the degrees of B.S. in Music, M.A. in Music Education, M.S. in School Administration and Supervision, and Sc.D. in Musical Instrument Technology.

      Dr. Pagliaro has devoted over six decades to teaching music, music education, and the technology and science of acoustical orchestral and band instruments to teachers, students, technicians, supervisors, and professionals in the field of music. He has filled the role of professor of music, military band master, church choir director, founder of two musical instrument companies still in operation, inventor and patent holder of four music-related products sold world-wide, associate editor for the Italian Cultural Society of the Palm Beaches, and has had twenty articles on musical instruments and music in general published in various periodicals and professional house organs.

      Dr. Pagliaro is the author of Everything You Should Know about Musical Instruments (1992); The Violin: How It Works (2002); The Flute: How It Works (2003); The Violin Workbook (2004); The Musical Instrument Desk Reference: A Guide to How Band and Orchestral Instruments Work (2012); The Instrumental Music Director’s Guide to Comprehensive Program Development (2014); The String Instrument Owner’s Handbook (2015); Basic Elements of Music (2016), and The Brass Instrument Owner’s Handbook (2016).

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